User Agreement

This Terms of Use (Agreement) constitute an agreement between the StarIce service and you (You, the User) and govern your use of the StarIce service and all services provided in connection with its use.

Any use of StarIce constitutes your familiarization with the Agreement set forth below, your agreement and unconditional acceptance of all clauses of the Agreement.

If you disagree with the Agreement or any part of it, you must completely stop all use of StarIce in any form. Your continued use of StarIce constitutes your full acceptance of the Agreement.


StarIce - online service

Administration - persons who have the exclusive right to StarIce, as well as other persons authorized for the special use of StarIce.

User - a third party person who uses the StarIce in any way.

General provisions

StarIce is provided on an “as is” basis. Continuous availability, as well as uninterrupted and error-free operation of StarIce or any part of it is not guaranteed. The StarIce Administration does not guarantee that the StarIce or its components will meet the User's goals and expectations. The StarIce Administration is not responsible and does not compensate for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the User or third parties as a result of the use or inability to use StarIce or its individual components.

The StarIce Administration may make changes and additions to the terms of the Agreement without prior notice to the User. Changes come into force from the moment of their publication. The User is obliged to independently monitor the changes to the Agreement. By continuing to use StarIce, the User accepts all changes and additions to the Agreement in its current form.

The Agreement shall remain in full force and effect during and after the termination of the use of StarIce by the User.

Rights and obligations of Users

Only a person over the age of 18 can become a StarIce user. If you are under this age, you may use the StarIce only with the direct supervision and participation of your parents, who assume all responsibility.

The user agrees that the StarIce Administration is not responsible for his use of the StarIce services, its features and functions.

The User undertakes not to use any means or actions to violate the security or obtain data of other Users, as well as to disrupt the operation or cause any other harm to StarIce.

Responsibility for any illegal actions of the User, as well as for any violation of the current Agreement lies entirely with the User.

The User agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the StarIce Administration, its associated persons, partners and employees from any and all claims, losses, costs, expenses or other harms of any kind, including the actions of lawyers, fees arising in connection with the use StarIce and/or websites or in connection with them, use or non-use of the content, failure to comply with any provisions of the Agreement, violation of any laws or any rights of another person. StarIce Administration is under no obligation to indemnify, defend, indemnify or indemnify You in connection with StarIce, this Agreement.

Becoming a User, you do not acquire any agency, joint, partnership or any other relationship with the StarIce Administration.

The user is obliged to independently ensure the confidentiality of his account, and is also fully responsible for any actions performed using his account. The user must not disclose or transfer access to his account to third parties.

The User agrees that any information or other content provided to the StarIce by the User, including confidential information, as well as any personal data and data of third parties, is provided by the User as public. The User is solely responsible for this informaton and content, its publication and availability to third parties.

The User undertakes not to post in StarIce and not to send anywhere through the StarIce libelous, insulting, defamatory/degrading honor and/or dignity of third parties, containing threats, aimed at causing harm to third parties, violating the rights of people, promoting discrimination people on racial, ethnic, gender, religious grounds, social status, sexual orientation or other grounds, containing extremist materials, promoting and/or calling for a change in the constitutional order, unleashing war, religious, racial or ethnic hatred, containing attempts to incite hatred or calls to violence, containing pornographic materials or other materials that offend morality, information that offends the religious feelings of people, information created in someone's interests that do not correspond to the goals of the StarIce, should not be posted on the StarIce and not sent anywhere through the StarIce other information that does not correspond law and/or this Agreement.

The User is obliged independently, without involving the StarIce Administration, to resolve disputes with other Users and third parties, including compensation for any losses incurred by other Users or third parties as a result of his actions.

The User agrees that the StarIce Administration may, at any time in case of violation of the current Agreement or at its sole discretion, terminate its StarIce account, completely delete all data posted by it in StarIce, including any content, and block access to StarIce without prior notice to the User.

The User agrees that the StarIce Administration may, at its sole discretion, remove any content from StarIce without any liability to the User or any other party.

The User agrees that the Administration will fully cooperate with law enforcement agencies in cases provided for by the Legislation, including the transfer to law enforcement agencies of all the User's data held by the Administration.

The transition by the User through links or contacts posted on StarIce to third-party resources is carried out solely at the User's own risk.

StarIce does not collect or pay any taxes or fees. Payment of any taxes, commissions and fees associated with the use of StarIce is the responsibility of the User.

Privacy Policy

The user acknowledges that he/she fully agrees with the StarIce privacy policy.

Storing data

The user can store data in StarIce in free form. The User is fully responsible for the content, publication, distribution and availability to third parties of all data stored in StarIce, including confidential and personal. The StarIce administration is not responsible for the content, publication, distribution and availability to third parties of all data stored in StarIce by users.

Pro account

Pro account gets the user more advantages in the StarIce.

Base accountPro
No more than 10 simultaneously open projects and tasksUnlimited number of simultaneously open projects and tasks

Additional fees

You are solely responsible for paying all taxes from fees associated with the use of StarIce, including but not limited to paying fees for money transfers and currency conversions.


StarIce does not make any refunds.

Technical support

StarIce does not provide technical support or maintenance.

Legal support

StarIce does not provide legal support. All document templates provided in StarIce are not checked for legal literacy, do not provide any guarantees of compliance and can be used by the User solely at his own responsibility.

Actions of Administration

The StarIce Administration will never, under any pretext, ask the User to provide a password to his account.

The StarIce administration does not endorse and is not responsible for the content of any material presented in the StarIce.

StarIce does not monitor or modify the content uploaded by Users.

The StarIce Administration has the right, at its sole discretion, to remove any content provided by Users for StarIce, which, in the opinion of the Administration, violates the terms of the Agreement in any way or is in any other way undesirable for placement in StarIce. The user unconditionally agrees to the removal of such materials from StarIce and waives any claims against the Administration caused by the removal of the content provided by him.

The StarIce Administration is not responsible for any failures or delays in downloading or deleting content provided by Users.

The absence or delay of the Administration's actions at one point is not a reason for the absence or delay of the Administration's actions at other points in the functioning of the StarIce.


Under no circumstances shall the StarIce Administration be liable to the Users or any third parties for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive or other damages of any kind related to the use or non-use of StarIce and any services related to StarIce, and also cannot be advised of the possible likelihood of such damages.

The StarIce Administration is not responsible for any content provided by Users for StarIce. All responsibility for the content provided remains with the User who provided it.

Private opinions of users expressed in any way with the help of StarIce are not the opinion of the StarIce Administration and cannot be associated with it.

Dispute Resolution

In case that you believe that content used by Users on StarIce infringes your copyright, trademark, or any other proprietary rights, please send a notice to StarIce's email address.

The notice must be in writing and must include:

You agree that disputes between you and the User who provided the disputed content are resolved directly between you and the User, without affecting the StarIce Administration.


For any questions, you can contact the StarIce Administration by e-mail.

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Translation of this document was made with help of the Google Translator. In any unclear moments, refer to the agreement on its original language

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